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It’s nerf or nothin’

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“Don’t follow your dreams, chase them,” Kunal Patel said.

This group of students are doing exactly so.

Junior Neo Baldarrama and his colleagues are trying to bring the Nerf Force 141 to Morse in order to dispel any misconceptions regarding the Nerfing hobby and ultimately create a fun and engaging environment. This is a group Baldarrama founded in early 2017 and consists of people from various demographics who enjoy playing with the foam-based weaponry.

“I owned multiple Nerf blasters since I was a little kid,” Baldarrama said. “However, I didn’t do anything with them until I started watching famous Youtubers.”

Using Youtubers such as Aaron Esser and Lord Draconical for inspiration, he then reached out to about five friends to have a “Nerf war” at his community park.

“The wheels in my head started turning,” Baldarrama said. “Eventually our group started expanding.”

At a current standing of 138 members in their Facebook group and roughly 22 active members that participate in their monthly NERF wars, the NERF Force 141 is aiming to expand its group through advertisement, creating an on-campus club, and even partnering with other NERF groups in the community such as the San Diego NERF Club.

“We are still looking for a school adviser, but we would definitely like to have a club here at Morse,” Baldarrama said. “When we were just starting, we didn’t know where to start, but now we do.”

Despite a common misconception that Nerf blasters are primarily for younger kids, Baldarrama disagrees.

“Nerfing brings people together regardless of age and interests,” he said. “Anyone can use it as long as they know what they are doing. It’s fun.”

In regards to actually getting the club going, he fears administration may get the wrong idea about Nerf blasters and consider them to promote violence; therefore, if he cannot bring the club to campus, he intends to advertise it at the least.

“It is important to have this club on campus because it brings more variety,” he declared. “And I intend to keep it running for as long as I can.”

This being said, Baldarrama is certainly chasing his Nerfing dreams and has no intentions of quitting anytime soon.

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