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Senior makes wrestling history at Morse

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A girl on the wrestling team?

A Morse senior has made history.

Senior Elizabeth Alejo won a medal from her first girl wrestling tournament at Brawley High School on Dec. 23, making her the first girl in Morse history to ever win a medal.

“The boys push me and don’t treat me like a girl, they treat me like a wrestler,” Alejo said.

Alejo loves the sport because it’s not only a team effort, but focuses on the individual. Wrestling is a tough sport and requires a lot of energy, determination, and commitment. She has learned failure and success throughout wrestling.

“Losing is a part of winning, so when you lose, you appreciate the win more,” Alejo said.

She didn’t even expect to win, especially because she has never wrestled with a girl before. It’s different wrestling with girls than boys because girls have the advantage of being much more flexible. Even with that in mind, Alejo stepped on the mat with confidence and wasn’t afraid if she lost. To prepare, Alejo focused more on speed and technique than strength.

“It takes a lot to go out there,” Alejo said, “especially being the only girl on the team. It’s different going on the mat with different schools watching you, than practicing with your peers.”

Being the only girl on the wrestling team, taking the step to be the team manager and trying to step out her comfort zone is a challenge.

After winning the tournament, Alejo was shocked, yet proud of herself. She was able to discover her abilities she never knew she had and for that, she was thankful.

Alejo’s passion for wrestling shows how much she cares about the sport. By deciding to put her modeling and fashion career aside, she wants to take wrestling to the next level. Alejo plans to work slow with the sport and take it step by step to see where it goes.

“It feels awesome being the first girl wrestler,” Alejo said. “I get more respect from people.”

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One Response to “Senior makes wrestling history at Morse”

  1. Ms Selman on March 6th, 2018 1:35 pm

    Hazel, I am soooooo proud of you!!! You really did step out of your comfort zone. You go girl!!!


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