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It is your “Destiny 2” play this game

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It is your “Destiny 2” play this game

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“Destiny 2,” released by the video game company Bungie, is a first person shooter game that builds upon the story of a traveler that goes to Earth to escape their ancient enemy, the “darkness.” The traveler creates robotic AI’s to choose guardians in order to defend the traveler and Earth from enemies. These guardians are given “light” from the ghosts that provide them powers they can use to fight. The game includes all of the previous factions of enemies: the fallen, taken, vex, and cabal. The opening cutscene begins with the guardian flying back to the tower only to see that it is under siege and the traveler being captured.

The factions are groups of enemies that belong to houses based on who they follow. The fallen raid planets of all their resources across the solar system with their massive Ketch ships. The Hive are zombie-like creatures that worship gods with one goal, devour all light. The vex are bodies of animate metal with living matter within that have the ability to travel through space and time. They terraform any planet to accomplish their goal of rewriting the universe in their image. The newest faction, the “Taken” is a mindless army that consists of creatures from all the other factions that were brainwashed to fight for the hive king Oryx. The main villains of “Destiny 2”, the cabal, are ruthless warriors that travel across the galaxy destroying any solar system in their way.

The gameplay is fast paced and if you are not careful you will not last long. Many new features were added including new customization options, weapons, armor, missions, characters, and new planets to explore. There is also the introduction of a new social space where players can go after missions to claim rewards and buy new gear. New customizations are a great way for players to decorate and personalize all their gear with the colors they want. There are also many things to do once you complete the story including the weekly nightfall strike and raid, which involves gathering a fireteam of five other players to earn some of the best gear in the game.

Many of the main characters of the first game return as well as many of the vendors. The three vanguards Zavala, Cayde-6, and Ikora, who mentor you in the first game, are all back to work with you to try to take back the tower. The crucible vendor, Lord Shaxx, the gunsmith as well as the shipwright Amanda Holiday are all present in the new social space selling brand new gear.

The storyline is very interesting and lore heavy with different outcome for certain missions depending on whether or not you played the first game. This is a great way to allow players who have not played the first game to not be completely clueless as they play through the game. The only problem is that much of the lore is not accessible through the game but rather through the Destiny website in grimoire cards that have short passages of information.

A compelling story is to be expected from Bungie who made a name for themselves for their work on the extremely successful Halo Franchise. All in all “Destiny 2” improves upon many of the problems of the first game, includes features that players have been asking for, as well as an all around great experience for returning and new players.


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