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Think before you accept this “Friend Request”

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Think before you accept this “Friend Request”

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“Friend Request,” directed by Simon Virhoeven, follows a college student, Laura Woodson played by who is highly active on social media with hundreds of friends on Facebook. She was scrolling through her friend requests, when she saw one from a girl named Marina Mills. Seeing that she had no friends, she accepted it out of pity. Laura soon began to get non-stop messages from Marina so she decides to avoid her by lying about not going to a birthday party. She was attacked by Marina the next day since photos were posted on Facebook. A video of Marina committing suicide is later posted on Facebook, which leads to Laura and her friends, Tyler, Olivia, Kobe, and Gustavo to be attacked by a demonic force that appears to be Marina taking revenge.

The acting is great since it shows a realistic bond between Laura and her friends through the opening scenes like the one of her and Olivia walking around the school campus talking about everyday things. The story begins based on the idea that the internet can be a dark and terrifying place is a good idea. The movie starts off well with the introduction of Laura and her friends is based on a good idea but the execution could have been better in creating a scary atmosphere. As expected there were jump scares throughout the movie but as a whole the movie is not as frightening as many people may expect. The only scenes that may be considered scary was the scene where Laura and her friends are attacked by Marina.

Although there were many elements of the movie that could have been improved upon, the movie was still entertaining and a story that makes it different than many other horror movies. Only being a 90 minute movie it seemed short and could have been longer to create a greater horror experience for the audience who are looking for a good scare.

The movie as a whole has good acting and still manages to entertain which makes up for the flaws that were present in the movie. The movie could have developed the characters a little more to make them more memorable so they could be a little more interesting and not just basic characters.


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