Teacher Swati Tomar takes on AP classes and Arduino club

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Teacher Swati Tomar recently took on the responsibility of teaching both Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB and AP Computer Science Principles, while also starting up the coding-based, Arduino Club.

“Our school is a STEM school,” Tomar stated. “There was a substitute for AP Computer Science Principles last year, so I thought I could easily teach it instead of a substitute. I thought I could help our school keep these programs.”

The Arduino Club wasn’t easy to get up and running. Tomar initially wanted to get the Arduino kits for her AP Computer Science Principles students.

“The kits were expensive,” Tomar said. “Thirty kits cost about 12 thousand dollars, but the Morse Class of 1992 funded my project on Donors Choose.”

Through the the Class of 1992’s generous contribution, Tomar was able to get 30 kits for her AP Computer Science class.

There were also other students not in her AP Computer Science Principles class who were interested in coding, which led to the creation of the club, which meets every Saturday from 10am to 12pm in room 311.