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Innovation Center changes its opening hours

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Innovation Center changes its opening hours

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Due to concerns of the library being inaccessible for printing or researching, the Site Governance Team made a unanimous vote on Sept. 12, 2017 to change the building’s opening hours from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Students have complained to teachers about the library being hardly accessible. Due to popular demand, Ellen Bergan, a history teacher and a member of the Site Governance Team, addressed the issue during their meeting on the twelfth.

Consisting of principal Cynthia Larkin, several teachers, and a parent, the goal of the Site Governance Team was to run the school and decide what would benefit students.

“We discussed that it seemed like the library was not fulfilling its purpose and kids couldn’t use it,” revealed Bergan.

The front doors closed at the beginning of the school year due to textbook distribution, one person staffing both sides of the library, and air conditioning not being available.

The library had become an “innovation center,” or a classroom due to the new iHigh program and had to move textbooks near the distribution windows.

“It’s just a lot easier for me than running back and forth grabbing books for students and bringing them over here,” indicated librarian Suzi Vidaña.

Students can now access the computers and print papers for free. Unlike the past years, students had to pay 50 cents to print per page.

“There was improvement [on the library] for students that don’t have computers or printers at home,” acknowledged freshman Shakir Lee.

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