The Morse Code

2017 Homecoming Game Slideshow

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  • Kenny Brooks, Receiver/Defensive Back; Photo by Sam Saensouk, @sphotography.neff
  • Receiver Tim Patrick; Photo by Sam Saensouk, @sphotography.neff
  • Quarterback Anthony Gonzalez; Photo by Sam Saensouk, @sphotography.neff
  • Defensive Back Shiloh Logan; Photo by Sam Saensouk, @sphotography.neff
  • Emperor and Empress, Mr. Potter and Ms. Diwa
  • Freshman Marquess and Marchioness, Keoni Asprec and Leilani Seangbouakham
  • Sophomore Duke and Duchess, Alvin Quijano and Deborah Dixon
  • Mr. and Ms. Spirit, Eddie White and Angelina Felipe
  • Mr. Football Lil' Miss Homecoming, Tim Patrick and Lezelle De Guzman

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