Senior Justice Freeman becomes royalty on SoundCloud

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I’m picking at your mind because I’m soul searching.

So says Justice Freeman who does exactly so through his music.

The aspiring rap artist, UrbanRoyalty (Freeman), reaches our souls and makes his way to the top by being verified on SoundCloud for four weeks now helping him prosper in the music industry and become an influential artist to his urban community, as well as others all around.

Drawing inspiration from Chris Brown and Frank Ocean at the age of five, Freeman later grew his passion for rap by being exposed to artists such as Kanye West. He even made his first rap song in fifth grade, and took it more seriously in eighth grade when his remix to Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Boy” blew up on his school campus, Pershing Middle School.

With his growing passion for music and the support of his family and friends, Freeman continues making music, hitting that target such as when he hit large numbers like 42.7 thousand people listening to his song “Everybody Dies in their Nightmares.”

UrbanRoyalty’s goal is to create a sound that will touch people, speak for those that can’t, and let others feel the emotions he goes through.

“I’m not afraid of being vulnerable and pouring my whole heart out into my music,” Freeman said.

He does exactly so in order to achieve his goal, ready to “go all in”. As a leader, he tries to better himself and others through his art, knowing that music greatly triggers emotions which he hopes to reach in a positive way.

Being excited about his future as an artist, Freeman hopes that his music won’t be temporary, but will have longevity and will be listened to years on.

“I used to ALWAYS search ways to contact celebs, and see who actually replies,” Freeman said.

To get to where he wants to be, UrbanRoyalty searched ways to contact celebrities and even received emails from a London A&R representative who heard his music. However, reaching his goals has always come with struggles, sometimes causing him wanting to quit, but he knows the importance of his art and still pushes for goals such as one day selling out arenas.

Freeman will continue to search for our souls through his art in hopes that one day he will become an inspiring and motivational artist for people all around the world.