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Senior Hannah Gonzalez takes professional acting classes

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You get the limo out front. Hottest styles, every shoe, every color.

Hannah has the best of both worlds.

Hollywood welcomed a new actor when senior Hannah Gonzales attended acting classes at the Tom Toddroff company on Oct. 6 in Hollywood to further pursue her interest in the movie industry.

 The entirety of Gonzales’ high school career has been based around studying tests and scripts. Within the three years Gonzales has been pursuing her dream, her stage fright has diminished, thus, allowing her to focus on improving herself as an actress.

Tom Todroff, a well-known actor and director, assisted her immensely in this aspect by providing constructive criticism on her skills.

“I think of him as the Gordon Ramsay [a popular food critic] of acting,” Gonzales said, while explaining that the scariest part of the experience was hearing criticism from Todroff.

Though, the intimidation of her coach is not the only barrier Gonzales has found on this uphill battle.

When arrived at the class she noticed the lack of representation for people of color.

“There were barely any of us [POC] there,” Gonzales commented. “I would push females of color, especially, to act.”

Additionally, Gonzales receives a lack of support from her parents, who wish for her to become a surgeon. Yet, she chose to dismiss the refutes from her parents and continue on her chosen path.

“My parents weren’t fond of the idea of me pursuing such a rough and struggle with all the work required to be successful in that industry,” Gonzales explained. “However, when they saw how much I really want to do this, they set aside their dream of me becoming a surgeon or join  the military and help in little ways to achieve my goal. But I’ve become a little bit more independent when pursuing this career to train myself that hard work will eventually pay off and that good things comes to those who wait.”
These obstacles have not stopped her from pursuing her dream. With successful actresses such as Chyler Leigh and Meryl Streep as her role models, she is on the way to meeting her goal of being on a comedic sitcom, while hopefully picking up her desired Oscar on the way.

“Don’t even compare me to Meryl Streep. I’m like way down there,” Gonzales joked.

Student by day, and actress by night. Keep an eye out at the Oscars, as you may see a familiar face.

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