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‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Review

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‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Review

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“Activision’s” newest addition to the “Call of Duty” franchise, “World War II,” is a first person-shooter game that takes place during the second world war. The game has brought back the feel of the older modern-based games had that the future-based games lacked. This has fans excited to play a game without the disliked futuristic feel of combat present in the previous three installments.

The campaign follows the journey of Private Daniel and his platoon as they take part in the Normandy landings in order to take back the European territories controlled by the Germans. Many iconic battles of the war are recreated through realistic cinematic cutscenes and missions like D-day, a major turning point of World War II. The gameplay focuses on working together with your team to stay alive as you try completing the mission, such as calling for more ammo when you run out or asking for a medkit when you are injured.

The multiplayer is built around fast-paced combat on relatively small maps. Many of the game modes from previous game modes are present as well as many of the scorestreaks that can be earned through gaining a certain amount of points from killings and assisting teammates. The introduction of the new division system allows the player to choose a character based on their playstyle while also having their choice of arms. They can choose from a frontline soldier, a medic, or a patient sniper. The new loot crate system allows players to earn random after-game boxes that can be opened for customizations like mods to change how your weapons perform. There is also a new gamemode “,war,” that has players divided into an attacking team and a defending team both fighting to achieve the task assigned to them creating the atmosphere of being on a real battlefield. The new feature of a social space, called the headquarters, allows players to interact with others, explore the area, open loot crates, and face off in one-on-one combat to test their skills along with targets practice.

The zombies gamemode improves upon the feel and look when playing, making the zombies look more horrifying and adding new tasks for solo players as well as groups to do while trying to survive as long as possible through an endless onslaught of zombies. The mode is riddled with easter eggs composed of different steps for players to complete in order to get exclusive weapons that are exclusive to these objectives. Just like previous games the zombie gamemode introduces new maps for players to explore while trying to stay alive.

In all, the game is a nice change from the previous futuristic-based games, that did not sit well with the fanbase, while also improving the experience for new players with new customizations, a realistic and graphically stunning campaign, and a multiplayer mode that can keep players hooked for hours on end.

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