Senior Allieyah Wilson is the last one standing

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The last senior standing.

Allieyah Wilson takes the lead for the More varsity volleyball team.

By dedicating all four of her highschool years to volleyball, Allieyah Wilson is the only senior playing for the 2017-2018 Morse varsity volleyball team while the other teammates from her class left the team due to interests in other sports.

All of the other seniors dropped out of volleyball except for Wilson, who stayed because of her love and passion for the sport.

“I think they just found the love for the other sports more.” said Wilson. “They didn’t want to play volleyball anymore.”

A majority of the senior players did not get any college offers or scholarships, so they switched sports. They did not seem as motivated as Wilson to continue volleyball.

“I put a lot of work into it from freshman year to now.”

She did not want to give up volleyball, especially because she was on varsity and dedicated many hours gaining her skills and love for the sport.

Wilson said that volleyball was a struggle her senior year because she had to balance volleyball and college applications, which took her longer to complete. She felt very much pressure in such a short amount of time.

“My teammates made it feel like we were all together.”

The girls of the team never had any drama, and everyone had love for one another.

Although everyone was cordial, Wilson sometimes felt awkward being the only senior. She tried to be humble about being an upperclassman.

“Everyone else in the same class were together, with the same homework, teachers and classes. I would just be there with no one else from my grade.”

Wilson admits that she had a breaking point her senior year and wanted to quit volleyball since it became overwhelming. Instead, she decided to pull herself back into the sport she has love for.

“It felt more like a job than a sport, and I felt as if I didn’t want to do it anymore, then I realized that it is my last year of high school, and I should be having fun instead of contemplating.”

Wilson does not plan on continuing the sport in college because she felt that volleyball was just an activity for high school played for her own happiness.