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MESA advisor Lourdes Sanchez brings Morse students to Annual Shadow Day

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You could say that Shadow Day really brought them to the light.

Morse students attended STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Shadow Day to learn about job opportunities.

MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievements) advisor Lourdes Sanchez brought 12 Morse students to Solar Turbines Incorporated for STEM Shadow Day on Thursday, Nov. 16, in order to expose them to jobs and internships.

STEM Shadow Day is an annual event in November that allows MESA students to meet professionals and explore STEM career options, particularly in engineering fields. Sanchez has been taking Morse students to Shadow Day every year for over a decade.

“We’ve been doing this for the last 12 years,” Sanchez said. “We started ever since I started being an advisor for MESA here at Morse.”

Students spent the whole day at Solar Turbines Incorporated, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of industrial gas turbines, in Downtown San Diego. This is the first year that over 10 students signed up to attend.

“This is the first year that we got so many [students to sign up],” Sanchez said. “In previous years, we always had about a minimum of three.”

Students, along with Sanchez, had to come dressed in formal attire and ready to ask questions to professionals about their job. Each student was able to talk one on one with a professional to learn more about a specific career and was able to network with possible future employers.

“[Students are] expected be curious, ask questions, and take full advantage of the opportunity,” Sanchez said. “The experience will give them a clear idea of paths that they might decide to take [in the future].”

Students who attended knew about Shadow Day since September; only 12 students signed up on a first come first serve basis, as there were limited spots in the event. Morse students were only a part of the many that attended, who were high school and college students alike.

Along with STEM Shadow Day, Sanchez makes sure that all MESA students are informed when internship opportunities come her way.

“All MESA students have access to Edmodo, where I constantly post opportunities like Shadow Day and other scholarships, college tours, and internships,” Sanchez explained. “Anything that comes my way that gives an opportunity for my students, I publish.”

Sanchez believes students that attended represent all of Morse High School.

“We have students who are English learners, we have students who are in the special education program, we have students who are in advanced classes, and we have students who are in regular classes,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez was able to introduce students to new opportunities in the STEM field, which they will take into consideration when deciding what they’ll do after graduating high school.

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