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Unisex bathrooms established in the 400 building

New unisex bathroom

New unisex bathroom

Keano Lugue

Keano Lugue

New unisex bathroom

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Because of a California state law, on Dec. 4, 2017, Morse established a unisex bathroom for students in the 400 building in an attempt to make LGBTQIA students more comfortable to use the restroom by replacing one of the teacher’s restrooms.

“I think it’s fantastic that we have one now,” said principal Cynthia Larkin. “I’m very excited to see how our first unisex bathroom will impact our school and the LGBTQIA population.”

All staff were informed of the new unisex restrooms. Many of them have positive remarks towards the new student bathroom and what it can do for the school’s image.

“Having a unsex bathroom is a huge step forward for LGBTQIA rights,” said Carlie Nemecek, the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) advisor. “Providing all students with a safe place to use the restroom regardless of their gender expression has helped us move forward to supporting all students.”

Most students have also heard about the new unisex restrooms and have much positive feedback about it. Most students believe that this will help people see that our school supports all kinds of genders and preferences.

“I think the unisex bathrooms will encourage people to be more open about their sexuality,” said GSA member Dennis Monsalud. “I have friends that are transgender, so I am happy to see them more comfortable to use the bathroom at school.”

The administration hopes that this will lead to a better image for the school and will help LGBTQIA students be more comfortable to come to Morse.

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