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‘Punisher’ surprises fans with the realities of violence

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In the latest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Netflix launched “The Punisher” on Nov. 17, 2017 to widespread praise and acclaim. The show introduces viewers to ex-marine corps veteran Frank Castle(Jon Bernthal), who becomes a vigilante known as “The Punisher” as he searches away to avenge the murder of his family by hunting down the killer. Many fans of the Netflix Marvel shows such as “Daredevil” and “The Defenders”, were hoping that this show would live up to the hype, and they were very satisfied.

This show is filled with thrilling action and great acting. The fight scenes do a great job of showcasing the brutality that Frank Castle feels with the death of his family, and how he expresses that as he decapitates his enemies using his military combat skills and weapons. Additionally, the fight scenes are very gory and bloody, causing the show to feel more realistic.

The acting done by “Micro” also known as David Liebermann (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) is top notch. There are many scenes where he, like Castle, expresses dual emotions of sorrow and anger due to his inability to see his family. He does a fantastic job during violent scenes by displaying horror and fear, which captivates viewers. Bernthal does a phenomenal job playing the role of Castle as he portrays the emotional balance of showing the anger and rawness of “The Punisher” as well as the psychological battle that he faces with his family being gone.

The storyline of the show is fantastic. Like many of the other Marvel Netflix shows, “The Punisher” is well-written and will have you hooked from the moment you watch the first episode. Creator Steve Lightfoot uses great dialogue and different camera angles to portray the storyline in a way that constantly has you on the edge, wondering what is going to happen next.

While the show is praised for many aspects, the downfall is within the content of the show. Many scenes throughout the show contain material that is very graphic and not for the faint of heart, which was done to make the show as realistic as possible. Although the action is very good, the show is very violent. With many scenes depicting brutal deaths and torture scenes, they can be hard to watch. If you are sensitive to scenes like these, then this show is not for you. However, the show’s violence should be expected since it is part of many Netflix Marvel shows in the past and violence is part of the ideology of “The Punisher”.

The show takes on many real life issues that may make some viewers uncomfortable. Being that Castle is a former veteran, the show addresses topics such as guns and gun control, homeless veterans, and military ethics. This brings them into the spotlight for viewers to make the show as realistic as possible, which has been praised by viewers. Although it may be uncomfortable to some that the show has been praised for this, Lightfoot did a great job of showcasing both sides of the issues.

Overall, aside from a few minor flaws, “The Punisher” follows in the footsteps of past Netflix Marvel shows by giving you great action with a solid storyline. This show is definitely worth binge watching.

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