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Are classroom changes a disruption?

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Research claims that physical surroundings such as noise level, temperature, proper lighting, and space affect the teaching and learning on school campuses. Many classrooms at Morse have been renovated to change things such as flooring, walls, desks. Although this is an advantage, many students feel that having to change classrooms in the middle of the school year is more of a disadvantage to their learning.

Starting a new school year is already difficult as it is for both students and teachers, whether it is students having difficulty adapting to new classes, or teachers having to recognize new faces and names. Having to pack, take everything with you to the other side of campus, and readapt to a new environment can be a different struggle.

“In addition to packing, I think the most difficult transition is settling in,” stated English teacher Jon Salunga. “We’re used to a particular kind of way of moving around the classroom.”

This is just another thing to pile on top of busy teenagers plates. Readjusting to something new can take one-two weeks and this can be a major disruption towards learning. If almost every student in the class happened to forget where their new classrooms were, it would create a  problem of taking away instructional time students could be using to learn.

Students who have just settled into their new classroom will have to readjust and find their new ones, which can be a hassle during passing periods.

“After the classroom changes, my route had to change too because now my classes are further apart,” claimed junior Alonzo Durazo.

Moving towards the back, where most construction takes place, is also a major factor in disruption of learning. The sound of drilling holes and shaking in the ground can cause students to disconnect with the lesson. Having to switch to a new setting and environment can be a huge interruption when students are trying to learn.

“I hear the construction all the time,” said Salunga. “I try to ignore it and close the door, especially because I’ve never been towards the back.”

On the other hand, many other students said the noise level isn’t too much of a distraction because they just ignore it. For these teenagers, It does not interrupt their learning in the long run. Afterall, not all students are affected the same. The classroom changes did not have all negative impacts. In some cases, classroom changes were beneficial to students since it made schedule routes easier.

“Now, my first period is right in the front of the school, instead of all the way in the back,” said junior Angelina Tubon, “It made it easier for my schedule and now I don’t have to worry about being late.”

Overall, classroom renovations have been a significant readjustment to both students and teachers whether it be schedule change, or readjusting into a new environment. The change of classrooms can affect students learning all together because it can be difficult to refocus and adapt when they have already settled in.

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