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Jaime Chavez: Morse High School’s new intervention counselor

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Who knew that one person’s passion for helping kids could make a huge difference in Morse High School?

Jaime Chavez did.

The administration recruited Jaime Chavez as a new intervention counselor for the 2017-2018
school year in order to help students with personal and academic problems and help get them on
track for graduation.

Chavez has been a counselor for 16 years, working in Point Loma High School, Sweetwater School District, and other schools within San Diego Unified School District. He is familiar with Morse High School, having visited several times throughout his career.

“I love Morse High School and I love this community,” Chavez said. “I would often come [here] for articulation, so I was familiar with the school, the staff members, and the counseling team. I worked at Keiller Leadership Academy down the street, so I know many of the students and families here at Morse because I worked with them in middle school.”

Chavez, along with Carmen Sosa, another counselor, took on a handful of duties as the new intervention counselors.

“My job here is to support our students, families, and staff,” Chavez explained. “We provide several services. We’ve conducted individual academic counseling, provided support for students who might have social or emotional concerns, and conducted home visits to address attendance.”

The San Diego Unified School District has recently implemented the Early Warning System throughout its schools which allowed Morse High School to recruit Chavez and Sosa as intervention counselors.

“We use the Early Warning System, which is part of the San Diego Unified School District’s Illuminate Program, to identify students who might have some challenges in the areas of attendance, grades, behavior, and credits,” Chavez explained. “We provide additional support to those students while collaborating with the site counselors, staff, and of course the students and families.”

Chavez drive to work with students came at a young age.

“I love to promote positive social change and to empower students and families to pursue their dreams, whether it be personal or academic,” Chavez said. “When I was in high school, I could have done better if I had the support that are provided here by intervention counselors. I was discouraged by my own counselor from going to college because I didn’t have the best grades. That’s something I told myself I would never do as a counselor, and that’s what motivates me to work hard and be the best intervention counselor I can be.”

Chavez has many projects with the upcoming year ahead, and he’s excited to make a difference at this school.

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