Key Club unlocked the true meaning of their club over the weekend

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Key Club members unlocked the true meaning of their club over the weekend.

They attended an event in which they gave back to the community.

21 students from Morse, along with other student from California and Nevada attended Fall Rally South (FRS) on Nov. 11 at Six Flags Magic Mountain to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP).

The reason to why they gather at an amusement park is to fundraise in a very memorable and spirited way.

“My last Fall Rally was the most fun and happiest moment of all of the Fall Rally’s that I attended,” explained Prince Danganan, senior and Morse Key Club President. “Even, if I only rode one ride, I still had fun meeting people, getting new followers and actually becoming friends with other key club members in different divisions and honestly my last Fall Rally will forever be one for the books.”

During Fall Rally, sessions are held to fundraise by auctioning off Lieutenant Governors to divisions. Funds were then directly given to the Pediatric Trauma Program.

The Pediatric Trauma Program is a trauma prevention organization that helps give therapy to children 14 and under who have gone through pediatric trauma.

“Us as Key Clubbers fundraise for therapy and prevention tools for these children, for example, bicycle helmets and knee pads,” explained Nathaniel Banlusak, Division 11 Lieutenant Governor.  “The California Nevada Hawaii District celebrates these funds at Fall Rally, and always aim to raise more in the following years.”

Through Fall Rally, Key Club has raised a total of $19,000 and plans to keep on giving back to the community in a memorable and spirited way.