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Larkin adjusts to new position as principal

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Her first semester here has been quite the ride.

This ride, however, was in the seat of the principal’s office.

In her first year back at Morse, Cynthia Larkin has endured through many challenges she never thought she would face, such as false fire alarms and fights, yet she is excited about the changes and is optimistic about the future.

“I feel encouraged with what is going on here at Morse,” Larkin stated.

Larkin became the principal for Morse after spending time as vice principal of Clairemont High School. Initially, Larkin began the year excited and hopeful for the new school year, however she was met with challenges, the main one being the transition into a tougher position.

“Even though the beginning of the school year started off rocky, it was an interesting transition from being a teacher at Morse to a being principal,” Larkin said.

One difference Larkin quickly realized is that many of the students had no idea who she was as a teacher, and did not know her personally. The only thing they knew was that she was the new principal.

“It was an interesting transition because as a teacher, I had a good rapport with many kids I interacted with. Now as a principal, it was different because many of the kids here don’t know me,” Larkin said.

In October, Larkin faced her toughest challenge yet. Morse was met with an alarming amount of false fire alarms and fights happening throughout campus. Not only was it shocking for many students and teachers to witness, but it was the same for Larkin as well.

“This past October was the worst month of my educational career,” said Larkin. “It was quite a challenge for me to experience that, and it was very unexpected because I never thought those students would do such a thing.”

Despite the chaos and changes, Larkin admits that if she were to start over, she would have made changes beforehand so there would have been a better relationship between the administration and the students.

“From the beginning, I think that I would’ve had a different policy assembly because at the time it was too generic and not specific to the needs of the school. That’s on me because I did not know most of the student body,” claimed Larkin.

Larkin also credited many of the staff on campus for providing support by monitoring the quad during lunchtime, rather than pointing fingers.

“I called upon many of the staff around here for help during lunch, and I was very humbled to see that they were able to come out and support,” Larkin said. “The best thing is being able to work as a unified front with my colleagues and push for change on campus.”

Along with the sweeping changes Larkin has already brought to Morse, such as “restorative discipline” and a gender-neutral bathroom, she also admits that becoming a principal has brought change in herself as well.

“Doing this job has made me more insecure about myself, and I’m that type of person who cares about what people think about me,” Larkin said. “I understand now that you cannot please everyone in this position, and that sometimes doing what’s right does not have to be the popular decision.”

Despite all of the changes, Larkin has no plans of stopping next semester and beyond.

“I plan on having an Honor Roll Celebration for students who have a 3.3GPA or higher and tie attendance in too because many kids have a problem with ditching or coming in tardy,” Larkin said. “I also plan on talking to teachers and School Site Council (SSC) to have a school resource teacher on campus to deal with tardiness, ditching, and negative behavior.”

Larkin plans to push hard to fight the problem of tardiness next semester.

“We plan on introducing Tardy Sweeps during first period attendance in order to target our high chronic tardiness,” Larkin stated.

Overall, Larkin has endured through quite an eventful first semester, and she has learned a lot. In light of everything that has happened so far, Larkin does know that the future is bright for Morse.

“I believe that five years from now, Morse will be a powerhouse school,” she said.

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  1. Cynthia Larkin on January 23rd, 2018 12:51 pm

    Good job Devin! I think you nicely conveyed the sentiment of my first semester as Morse’s principal.

    I always enjoy being interviewed by you. You come well prepared with excellent questions.

    Thanks again!


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