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New electives to be added next school year

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The school will introduce six new electives available to students in the 2018-2019 school year, after school staff and administration decided to add them due to expressed interest.

“We wanted to offer a broader range and a bigger variety of electives to students,” said counselor Warren Wegener. “It might give students the chance to figure out who they are and prepare for their future careers.”

These electives will include Chicano/Black studies, AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory, Theater, Public Speaking, and Peer Tutoring for Special Needs. Most of these electives are new to the school, while some, such as Public Speaking and Theater, are returning.

“Most of these electives were chosen because many students said they were interested in them,” Wegener said. “The Chicano/Black Studies was based on our school population, since we are made up of multiple ethnicities that deal with that topic.”

Teachers were also influential in the choice of electives, as some of them expressed interest in wanting to teach them. Music teacher Jim Fogelman was one of the teachers to express interest in teaching one of the electives, his being AP Music Theory.

“The counselors and administration had meetings to decide what should be listed as an available class,” said head counselor Beverly Ward. “Some teachers also came in to give their take on what they want to teach, so it gave us more to think about.”

Each new class must have at least 25 students enrolled, or the class will not continue into the next school year. The maximum number for each class will be 36 students per period.

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