Junior Klaire Revillo doesn’t throw away her shot

Revillo, along with the other performers, prepare to pose for a picture on stage.

Revillo, along with the other performers, prepare to pose for a picture on stage.

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Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!

History is happening…in the greatest play in the world.

Junior Klaire Revillo was one of the students chosen to represent Morse, among other schools; and perform her work before the Hamilton Musical at the Civic Theater on Jan. 11.

Through the program Eduham supported by the Gilder Lehrman, over 2,000 students attended the two part program. The first half of the program was filled with student performances and the cast Q&A’s.

“Performing on the exact same stage that the Hamilton cast performs on was so overwhelming,” Revillo expressed .

To prepare for the performance, Revillo memorized an entire 12 stanza poem and practiced in front a mirror several times acting as if it was the real deal. She made sure to pay attention to the emotions she was emitting in order to make the poem more intimate.

“I memorized my whole poem a week before my performance,” Revillo said. “Imagine the pressure. Growing up, I joined countless extemporaneous and impromptu speaking competitions, but not in front of a crowd that big.”

Revillo, who works better alone, wrote a poem about Crispus Attucks, the first man who died in the Boston Massacre and the first to die in the American Revolution.

“I chose him because I feel like he’s not given the recognition he deserves. When I was preparing to write my poem, I wanted it to appeal to people’s emotions and so I wanted to write about someone who died,” Revillo said. “Since he was African-American and a runaway slave, I inferred what he might have gone through in that time, especially with racism, so I used that as the main topic of my poem because it’s still evident in today’s world.”

Look around, look around Revillo made history using her performance to spread awareness about relevant issues of the past and today.