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‘Black Mirror’ lightens the mood with season four

"Hang the DJ" (Season 4, Episode 4)

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Netflix’s Black Mirror has returned with season four this past December and has received attention for making more worthwhile episodes to binge. It is no secret that this show has been known to have its viewers feeling distressed and utterly disturbed. In the past seasons, most of their episodes have been dark and twisted, with the exception of “San Junipero” which received an Emmy award for its outstanding storyline. This time around, the episodes were lighter, given our current political climate.

An example of this would be the “Hang the DJ” episode, which was resonant to the “San Junipero” episode in season three. This episode was definitely one of the most heartwarming out of the entire season. This can be seen by the love interest that takes place between the two main characters as they search for their true pair. However, criticism has arisen based on the idea that this episode was trying too hard to resemble the “San Junipero” one. The similarities can be seen through how the two episodes take place in a highly technological ‘utopian’ society in which two characters engage in an advanced system designed to recreate a different world.

In terms of the six episodes that the show released, there were definitely ones that were better than others. At the top of the list would be “Black Museum” followed by “Hang the DJ,” “Arkangel,” “USS Callister,” “Crocodile,” and “Metalhead.” “Black Museum” has most definitely earned its place as number one given the three highly interesting storylines that were within this episode. These storylines blended together at the end of the episode which left for a satisfactory ending. Not only that, but it contains many easter eggs such as the bathtub covered in blood which was previously seen in the “Crocodile” episode. With that being said, all of the shows episodes did not fail to provide great cinematography that accompanied each setting. An example of this would be the episode “USS Callister” in which the characters are aboard a spaceship filled with highly technologically advanced gadgets that stand out by the colored buttons. In addition, the episode starts out with a 60’s pictorial that allude to the Star Trek series.

Overall, Black Mirror provides a handful of intriguing moments that will leave the audience flabbergasted and constantly entertained with the show. Not only that, but the shows alternation between satisfying and unhappy moments will have the audience feeling like they are on an emotional rollercoaster and prompt them to continue watching.

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