Environmental Club plants a “Tree of Resolutions”

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Any New Year’s resolution is lucky to survive beyond its first week.

One group of students is hoping to change that by creating an event that pushes students to not only better themselves, but the environment as well.

Environmental Club is planning a New Year’s Resolution event, where students make a commitment to improve the environment and are encouraged to keep it through a bracelet given to symbolize it, and is set to take place on campus within the upcoming weeks.          

Students will write their environmentally friendly commitments on paper, which will be added to a makeshift tree. The goal is to create resolutions that will have a direct positive impact on their surroundings, building a project that promotes self-improvement and an awareness of the environment.

“My hope for this event is that it helps our community to become more environmentally friendly,” said Ourson Domingo, the publicist for the club. “Each of our events should be spreading that saying around.”

Bracelets will be given to students to symbolize the resolution they made. It will remind them to keep their commitment, and, if the resolution is broken, the bracelet must be cut off as well.

As one of their main focuses, the club hopes that this event will encourage students to take charge of the littering issue around campus and in the community.

“All over campus there is a recurring problem with trash,” Domingo said. “These events should be educating our peers, pushing them to avoid littering and begin recycling.”

While the club does not have the resources to use a living tree, they plan on creating one from cardboard, twigs, and other materials. This will give it a sense of permanence, as the commitments are expected to last throughout the year.

The event will begin later this month and go on through early February, as soon as the club is able to gather enough funds and materials for the bracelets and resolution tree. They will be replenished at a later date through fundraising.

With a bracelet to serve as a constant reminder of their goal, these resolutions will stick with students long before they have the chance to wilt away.