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MESA students prepare for annual competition

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Members of the Mathematical, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) club have gathered up supplies and are currently meeting with partners to work on projects to compete at MESA day on Mar. 17 at Lincoln High School.

Morse will compete against other schools and districts by presenting their projects to judges and other students under the same category. The competition is divided into two days, preliminaries and regionals, in which preliminaries will take place in San Diego State University and regionals taking place in University of California (UC) Riverside.

“The purpose of MESA day is to explore the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and science) fields through a hands-on experience and learning through a design-build-test fashion,” said Emmuelle Ejanda, junior and the president of MESA.

MESA knew about their projects in October and have started preparing around November and December. Lourdes Sanchez, math teacher and MESA advisor, has been helping students by providing resources and materials either given by San Diego State University or bought with her personal money, as well as allowing students to work on projects and ask questions every Friday after school.

“The projects themselves are really fun to do most of the time and participating in the club and just being an active member also allows you to make friends,” Ejanda said. “MESA day is always filled with support and fun times so it’s always something to look forward to.”

Sanchez believes that MESA day gives them an opportunity to show what it is like to present a STEM project and accept constructive criticism.

“It’s full of expectations because most of the projects were changed,” Sanchez said. “It gives them a good opportunity to be more creative.”

The event was originally scheduled to be on Feb. 17, but was moved to save money.

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