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How can we help beyond Week of Consciousness?

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Morse’s annual Week of Consciousness (WoC) dedicates five days to uniting students against a broad issue in the world such as suicide or racism. Students are able to participate in various activities such as the Silent Sit Down; the Speak Out; and the Peace Rally. Teachers and students alike fundraise throughout the week, putting a sale price on t-shirts and the famous tiger muffins. Different clubs across campus work together to put together events that are both fun and informational for all students.

This year’s Week of Consciousness focused on refugees in the United States and the awareness of the refugee crises around the world. On Tuesday students were able to watch a video about war-torn South Sudan and the struggles of the citizens there. Profits from WoC t-shirts and tiger muffin sales on Tuesday will go to the International Rescue Committee, an organization dedicated to the safety of refugees.

After the week is done, though, school carries on normally and it’s easy to forget about the issues that were discussed during the week prior. Sure, the school makes a large donation and everyone has a good time, but what can we do beyond the single week we have in the school year?

One thing we can do is stay consistent throughout the school year. One fundraiser can only help so much. If we were to hold at least three fundraisers throughout the school year that all went towards the same organization, we could make more of a difference than we do now.

The Week of Consciousness helps educate students on the issues of the world, but wouldn’t it be better to educate students on the possible solutions to these issues? Many students, seniors particularly, are of or almost of voting age. Adults on campus have the powerful right to vote, whether it be for politicians or for legislations. It’s important for students to be educated on what they’re voting for when they become adults. In this case, students should be educated on the pros and cons of voting in favor of making it easier for refugees to become naturalized citizens in America.

A few teachers this week took time out of their lesson to talk to their students about WoC and gave background insight on refugees and the issues they face in America today. This is a good way to reach all Morse students and should be done by all teachers. Not every student is able to attend the Speak Out or other after school activities, or in cases like this year, events like the Speak Out were cancelled. Learning about the issue in their classrooms will make students listen more.

The Week of Consciousness is a great way for the student body to get together and support each other. It’s a week for every club and student to work together and create something memorable. Why just limit it to one week when we can make a difference throughout the whole year?


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