Cooking up new club activities

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    Learning, having fun with friends, and free food? This club has it all.

    Arc is hosting an after-school club that allows students to learn the basics of cooking while working together to create something for everyone to enjoy.

    Morse’s Cooking Club teaches students skills in culinary arts through making various meals and honing their techniques on Wednesdays and Fridays after school in room 421.

    Students are split into groups and given the ingredients needed for the chosen dish of the day. They are given instructions for healthy recipes from, but are encouraged to practice the techniques needed, such as properly cutting the food and washing it, on their own without direct help from the instructors.

    “We hope that students will have fun while learning how to cook,” said an Arc staff member. “By getting students to participate, they can do something after school that is worthwhile.”

    The club gives students an opportunity to learn the art of cooking without being limited by tools or ingredients they may not have the ability of using at home. With the proper tools and amount of ingredients given to them, it allows students to focus solely on their cooking skills and working together.

    “This club will benefit Morse by leading students down the culinary path,” said an Arc staff member. “They will get a unique experience in cooking and nutrition.”

    Students are also taught about proper nutrition and eating habits while cooking. They are encouraged to use healthy ingredients when practicing their skills outside of the club, and discover new dishes on their own.

    “It allows me to explore new recipes, gain new knowledge, and eat food!” said junior Emilio Figueroa.

    Each student is responsible for the space used, and they work together to ensure that the classroom is clean and ready for the next morning. After students finish creating their meals, everyone is able to take a piece and enjoy it together.