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Mentors lead the way at Kaibigang Pilipino’s mentor and mentee retreat

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Mentors show Mentees da way.

High School Students had the opportunity to gain a mentor from UCSD.

Senior Guy Owens attended a mxntor and mxntee retreat hosted by Kaibigang Pilipino (KP Core) on Feb. 10, 2018 at the Lincoln Acres Park to gain a mentor that would guide him towards a better future.

The retreat had students participate in a variety of activities that focused on the connection between the mentor and the mentee. They hosted icebreakers which consisted of teamwork, self-judgment, and personality.

From the experience, mentees gained an insight on college like in the UC college system as the Mentors are from UCSD.

“From asking my mxntor and other KPCore volunteers a variety of questions I feel more prepared in the transition from high school to college,” Owens explained. “I went to the retreat for the sole purpose of gaining a mxntor to help guide me and relate to. My main motivation to go we’re the mxntors that host Morse KPCore on-sites providing me with the information of the event.”

The purpose of a mentor is to connect to a mentee and guide them through high school based off of their own experiences, showing them the way.

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