Girls soccer wins league

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This team never gives up.

After practicing and sharpening their skills every day. The girls varsity soccer team are seeking to obtain an even greater goal.

The girl’s varsity soccer team have set a goal to win CIF, California Interscholastic Federation, after achieving their main goal of winning the league by going against Hoover High School on Feb. 8, 2018, and winning by 2-1, making every teammate burst with accomplishment and joy.

The endless practices after school pay off after maintaining a winning streak and winning their last game against Calvin Christian High School at their school, by 3-1.

“We felt very happy about winning the league and have set a new goal to win the game which will allow us to go to CIF and win CIF,” said Sheyla Williams, member of the girls varsity soccer team.

The next home game will be on Feb. 13, 2018, against Kearny High School which they won by 2-1 and to qualify for the CIF they have to win the match on Monday.

Preparing for the next games the girls varsity soccer team have decided to practice the same drills as always which are given and goes, keep away, corner kicks, and creating passes.

Creating passes is the main focus of the practices which is giving the ball to another player and from there either giving it back or giving it to someone else.

The other practices such as give and goes and keep away are to improve passes between each other and making opportunities to shoot at the goal.

“The chemistry between the players aren’t all the same because we act different on and off the field,” said Williams.

The practices are there to help increase the overall chemistry between each teammate especially when the team is a mixture of freshmen, juniors, and seniors that might not get along.

The chemistry between each teammate isn’t the same due to the fact that they don’t hang around one another, only in small groups which limits that ability to form stronger chemistry.

Not resting after winning league, the girls varsity soccer team have decided to reach for a harder challenge of winning CIF to prove to themselves of the progress they are making.