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How many colleges should students apply to?

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October brings with it stress for seniors, as they must decide on what and how many colleges they want to apply to. This brings up the question: is there a golden number of college applications? Many say that it is between six to 10 and some say lower or higher, but is that really what students should be looking at during the application season?

Now, this issue can be different depending on the student who reads it, so it might not apply to many. For those that do apply to this those students should read on and see if they think differently afterward.

Students shouldn’t care about how many colleges they are applying to, nor should they care about how many acceptances they get from colleges. There is no point in that; they should only apply to schools that they have done research on or have visited before.

Students should do intensive research on every college they might want to go to and plan trips to those colleges while having one or two safe schools. Safe schools are colleges they apply to with the student knowing they will most likely get into. So that they can find a college that has an environment that works for them, one that will allow them to enjoy their stay.

The problem is that students apply to a lot of safe colleges ones that they will not go to even if they don’t get into their dream colleges. This means that they did the whole application just to receive the acceptance letter and use it for bragging rights for how many colleges accepted them. This shouldn’t be the case, as students should also visit and research more about any safe school they want to apply to so that it suits them almost as much as the school they want to get into.

This is also because a student might go to a prestigious school, but it might not be a very good college for the major they chose, or they might like the location its in. They might end up needing to drop out or transfer to another college that does have a good program for their major. This means that they will have wasted tuition money as well as the time they could have spent in college studying.

Some students who don’t have a decided major or don’t care where they go as long as its prestigious might disagree. These students should try and do more research and try to find a path for them to go in so that when the time comes to go to college they won’t regret their choices.

Visiting a college might seem pointless, but schools and some clubs offer free trips to some colleges that they are partnered with. Students should take these offers up or go by themselves so that they get a personal feeling of the school. This way students might be able to make more decisive choices for their college applications and then have an easier time in Mar. when the admission statuses get released.

In the end, students should really not care about the number of acceptance letters they get, nor should they aim for a high amount, instead they should be using any special programs. Such as FASA that they are given and try to find colleges that will suit them for when they graduate. This is so that they will live a better college life and enjoy learning more and advancing their education in a place they will love.

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