Multiple threats to the school spreads caution among staff

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Multiple false threats were sent to the school on Feb. 20, 2018, which caused Principal Cynthia Larkin to send emails to all students and their parents, and reinforce school police around campus.

“A student thought they heard another student make a threat towards the school,” Larkin said. “They called the police and the police called me at around 4:30 p.m. the day before the email was sent.”

Many parents of students received an email from Larkin discussing the situation, explaining what was going on, and taking actions to combat the threats. The San Diego Police Department was notified and additional school police officers were sent to the school.

“We always have to be cautious about things like this,” Larkin said. “I wanted to make sure we had extra protection in case something were to happen.”

Many students and parents felt uneasy arriving on campus because of the email sent from Larkin. Some students decided not to come to school in case something were to happen as well.

“I had multiple parents come to my office to discuss what had happened,” Larkin said. “Some sent me emails and others just kept their kids at home.”

After thorough investigation by police, it was found that the threats reported were false. This report brought relief to Larkin and the school community.

“San Diego Police went as far as visiting the homes of students to get to the bottom of the case,” Larkin said. “I’m glad the threats were unsubstantial and that our police officers went so above and beyond for us.”