Annual Questbridge program invites low-income students to apply

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Every year, low-income juniors and seniors can apply online to Questbridge, an application program that provides scholarships and connections with leading colleges.

Questbridge is a national nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help connect students with top educational and scholarship opportunities. The program is partnered with top schools such as Amherst, Princeton, and Yale.

There are two programs which Questbridge offers to low-income students. The College Prep Scholars program focuses on juniors, while the National College Match helps seniors.

Both applications consist of writing an essay, sending in letters of recommendations, and submitting standardized test scores such as the SAT and ACT.

The application for the National College Match opens in the summer before a student’s senior year. The application for the College Prep Scholars program opens in Feb. and is due in March.

“We need to encourage more students to apply because Questbridge helps those who don’t have the finances to allow them to attend leading universities,” said Arlene Benedicto, social studies and psychology teacher.

The College Prep Scholars program gives juniors an early advantage in college admissions and gives access to full scholarships. There is also a special distinction that comes with being a College Prep Scholar, which gives a student an advantage on their college application.

The National College Match helps academically outstanding seniors by providing full four-year scholarships to the most selective colleges in the nation. Applicants who become Finalists are then helped by Questbridge to match with a college.

“Questbridge was beneficial for me because it gave me a headstart in college applications,” said senior Giane Gonzales. “It helps underrepresented and low-income students have the opportunity to get into college without money being a barrier.”

As a majority of our students come from low-income families, applying to Questbridge is an opportunity to lessen financial troubles.