Rescheduled Speak Out turns into a success

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The Red Cross club rescheduled the annual Speak Out for the Week of Consciousness to March 7 in the auditorium after a lockdown sent students home on Feb. 14.

The Red Cross club, who was in charge of the Speak Out for this year’s Week of Consciousness, had to reschedule the event due to the lockdown on campus that happened about a month prior.

“There was no doubt in our mind that the Speak Out would have been rescheduled after the incident,” said Kiana Florendo, a junior and member of the Red Cross. “As prepared as we can be, a lockdown was something we obviously did not expect.”

After the lockdown, rescheduling the event was the main priority for the club, as it provides students an opportunity to have their voice heard.

“Our AP Art History class planned to perform at Speak Out and we had spent time to prepare,” said junior Rani Reambonaza. “It was important to not only me but also other students as well to have the Speak Out rescheduled. The Speak Out is a rare opportunity to express and voice how they feel towards injustices.”

Rescheduling the Speak Out was not so much a difficult task, but one that had the members of the club concerned about the number of attendees.

“It was only a matter of advertising and having an audience and list of performers that really worried us the most,” Florendo said.

However, the lockdown and rescheduled date did have a negative effect on the Speak Out.

“Since the lockdown happened I think the second date affected it in a way where [the event] lost audience,” said Prince Danganan, senior and President of Key Club.

“I believe that the lockdown discouraged people from going,” Florendo said. “When I contacted the list of performers, almost a quarter of the performers backed out.”

Nonetheless, the Speak Out served its purpose and gave an outlet to students to speak up about the social justice issues emerging, especially immigration and the refugee crisis, which was the main focus of this year’s Week of Consciousness.

“The most memorable thing was seeing the support other students gave to our performers,” Reambonaza said. “It really shows the love and respect we have for others.”