ARC holds Black History Month art competition

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To celebrate Black History Month, Arc was holding the Black History Month contest on Mar. 15, 2018 in the auditorium, that focused on influential African-American leaders art pieces created by students.

The overall goal of the contest was to celebrate Black History Month by displaying different art pieces that were created from students participating.

“The purpose of this event was to celebrate Black History Month and the impact these leaders made in history,” said ARC leader Sandra Sanchez.

The purpose was to celebrate Black History month ,which was in February, and to portray African Americans that impacted American Society in a positive way.

The only requirement while signing up for the Black History Month Contest was to create an art piece that depicts a famous, influential African American leader.

“The Black History Month contest will show how other students portray certain African Americans from parts of history,” said junior Richard Edwards.

This contest has benefitted students participating because they were able to show their art pieces and talent also giving students not participating a good show.

To sign up for the contest, you had to go to room 505 and ask the ARC leader, Sanchez, to enter. The deadline was on Feb. 27,2018.

“The contest does not specifically focus on the culture but the people who were involved in American society and how they positively impacted that society,” said Edwards.

A total of eight students have already signed up and created art pieces of important, influential African-Americans leaders displaying their impact like Martin Luther King.