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This week, Morse had a visit by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC), and one of the questions the body asked students is if we were given a magic wand, what changes would we make to Morse. If the Morse Code had a magic wand that would give us the power to make Morse the place we want to see, there are some changes we would make to better the environment for the students and staff on campus.

Morse students deserve the opportunity to succeed to the best of their abilities, but they’re not able to do that with a lack of resources.Whether it be through test prep or more counselor involvement, we would use a magic wand to increase funding for more resources that students could utilize to make their path to success less stressful. One example would be more opportunities for standardized test prep; Morse students have always struggled with low test scores on SATs and ACTs, which are an important factor in college admissions. By providing more workshops that help students prepare for these standardized tests, students will have more of level playing field when it comes to college admissions. An improved relationship with counselors that will give students more resources to succeed in the future. We understand that our counselors work their very best to reach out to every student and it can difficult with so many students. Better relationships with counselors through increased check ins and updates on students’ path to graduation or college would leave both the student and counselor more confident in their abilities.Through more funding for the counseling department, hiring more counselors in order to have a more manageable amount of students to work with may allow both the counselors and students to develop better relationships and have a less overwhelming school year.

With a lack of funding for the arts and humanities department, we would increase its funding to provide students with the opportunities to explore their interest in those departments. While its good thing that Morse provides so many different opportunities for students pursuing Science Technology Engineering Mathematics(STEM), but it leaves the humanities department under represented. Students who plan careers as writers or artists deserve just as much resources as students in the STEM field.

Another thing about school we would use a magic wand to change is better facilities. Countless times this year our education has been put on hold because  the copy machine is broken, the internet is down, or the lights went out. With all the money being put into campus renovations, it would make sense to put some more money into facilities students and teachers find important for education. Instead of bright yellow walls, how about bathroom stalls with toilet paper in them? With a magic wand we would whisk away the unnecessary signs pointing to the main office and instead add working copy machines

The Morse Code wants to see Morse be the best school it can be, one that makes both students and staff feel like they are apart of a collective of motivated and productive individuals. If we had a magic wand, these are the changes we would make towards the Morse we want to be.

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