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Cardi B’s debut album rises quickly to the top

The cover for 'Invasion of Privacy' shows Cardi B in a black and white checkered suit and cat-eye sunglasses.

The cover for 'Invasion of Privacy' shows Cardi B in a black and white checkered suit and cat-eye sunglasses.

Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records

The cover for 'Invasion of Privacy' shows Cardi B in a black and white checkered suit and cat-eye sunglasses.

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You may know Cardi B, the feisty New York female rapper, for her witty catch phrases and her hit single “Bodak Yellow.” The song has a simple and appealing beat, making the lyrics easy to sing along to. There is no doubt that upon hearing the beat you will start rapping the lyrics.

On April 6, 2018 Cardi B released her debut album Invasion of Privacy, which was certified gold; meaning that it sold over 500,000 units in the first hours it came out.  In her 13 track album, more than half the songs feature many other popular artists, such as Migos, Chance The Rapper, J Balvin, Kehlani, and many more.

The album begins with the song “Get Up 10,” which takes a personal look into Cardi B’s rise to fame as she raps about those in her life who told her that she would not amount to anything and how she is a successful rapper in the music industry. She uses her first track as a diss to those who did not believe in her throughout her journey from being a stripper to being one of the biggest female rappers of 2018. The songs alternate between confrontations to those who did not believed she could make it and the ridiculing of men.

Cardi B’s diverse beats contrast with her rapping style and those featuring in her tracks. An example being, her song “Ring” featuring Kehlani, a contemporary R&B singer, takes a sweeter and soothing tone as Kehlani opens singing. The beat begins softer and when Cardi starts rapping the beat drops, but not nearly as hard. When they interchange their parts which complement each other well. Cardi B does not forget to incorporate her Latin roots and diversifies her album with the song “I Like It” featuring Latin trap and Reggaeton artists, J Balvin and Bad Bunny. It opens with a snippet of Caribbean salsa and merengue beat that flows into Cardi’s rapping and when the beat drops, Bad Bunny begins rapping. Her powerful and upbeat voice combined with his deep-toned voice compliment each other as the Spanish beat plays in the background.

Overall, Invasion of Privacy is a very diverse album. It accentuates Cardi’s loud and unapologetic personality.  This album is her showing what she is capable of and she is not holding back. Although she does use profanity in all of her tracks, this does not stop her music from hitting top of the charts. And does not distract from the message she conveys through her music about how far she has come. The is no doubt Cardi has allowed us into her private life with this album.

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