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State law requires school to provide free feminine hygiene products

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In accordance with a new state law, feminine hygiene machines that provide free tampons and sanitary napkins to students were installed in school bathrooms over the last few weeks, and administration is urging students to not abuse the provided resource.

Act AB-10, which was approved by the governor on Oct. 12 of last year, requires public schools with sixth through twelfth grade and a lower-income majority of students to stock at least half of their restrooms with free period products, and prohibits them from requiring students to pay for these resources.

The machines have so far been added to the 300 building restroom, as well as the bathroom adjacent to the quad. The gender-inclusive restroom has on occasion been stocked with free products as well.

Though our administration believes it’s very important for students to have access to feminine hygiene products, they have expressed a concern for students wasting the products or taking the free resource for granted.

“I do hope that our students will realize that just because these products are free, they should not abuse the ‘freeness’,” said Principal Dr. Cynthia Larkin. “These products may be free to students, but they are not free for the district.

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