ARC students hold first annual ‘March to Change the Future’

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The first annual “March to Change the Future,” was a successful but small protest which was held on March 16 in the amphitheater from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., was planned by after school clubs: ARC, MISA, and APop.

 “March to Change the Future” was originally created by ARC students. Then programs like cheerleading, APop, and MISA contributed to enhancing the entertainment and spreading the word about the upcoming protest.

 “Even though there were very little people who showed up, it was still successful for those who came,” said APop member and performer Jeanne Rivera.

There was an array of topics. One student, sophomore Alyssa Kongmalay, protested against gender, race, and sexual inequality. While the majority protested for gun control, equality, and pro-choice.

“Nobody is normal because everyone is unique,” Kongmalay stated on her poster.

At the end of the ceremony, white balloons were released to symbolize that the students’ dreams and voices were being heard, noticed, and felt by the public.