IMIN Showdown showcases talents from students

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IMIN Showdown showcases talents from students

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Students from Morse and various San Diego schools attended the IMIN Showdown, a yearly showcase and competition that took place at Shiley Theater at the University of San Diego on Saturday, Apr. 21, 2018.

The Showdown was a chance for students to express themselves, share their talents with their peers, and compete against each other, as well as against students from other schools. This year, the Showdown’s fourth year in operation, numerous Morse students and organizations participated, having chosen to perform and compete in groups or by themselves, or submitting artwork.

Some of the Showdown’s performance categories included solo dance, solo vocal and rap, instrumentals, theatre, and fine art.

This year, the Showdown added school versus school battles in certain categories, which allowed students to cheer for their school and to compete against other schools in the district.

The registration period for participants ended on Apr. 15, 2018, but admission to the event was free.

Senior Brian Pena attended the event, and competed as part of his clubs, Ichiban and A-Pop, under the cultural dance and group dance categories respectively.

“It’s Apop’s only competition,” Pena stated. “I got to perform with my team, and it was fun. That’s why the IMIN Showdown was important to me.”

For Anne Santos, co-captain of the Morse Islander Student Alliance (MISA), which performed under the cultural dance category, the recent Showdown was be the first she attended and competed in.

“I honestly thought we were going to do great,” Santos predicted. “We worked so hard for it, and I know we’re going to have fun and grow more as a group.”