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WASC visits Morse for evaluation

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The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visited Morse from Apr. 15-18, 2018 to evaluate the school for accreditation on the work that teachers and students do in accordance to the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to make future years’ high school diplomas valid.

“Overall, the visiting committee was very complimentary and enjoyed their time here,” said Associated Student Body (ASB) advisor Joseph Duffy. “They enjoyed both students and staff they interacted with and gave a lot of praise.”

The visiting committee left a report stating our “areas of strength” and “areas of growth” that gives the school administration an idea of the positive aspects and the places of improvement. The report is based off of the Self Study Report made by school staff in March 2017.

“Most of the areas of improvement were things we already noted,” Duffy said. “The main purpose of the visit is to validate the report we sent in March and give us ways to revise it.”

Each day of their visit started with a meeting between the visiting committee and the instructional leadership team consisting of the administration and teachers. They also met with parents, students, and focus groups each day to get feedback from them as well.

“Each focus group concentrated on one specific section of our self study report,” said Principal Cynthia Larkin. “There were also school-wide critical areas that relate to our school in general.”

The results of the visit will be released in late June. Staff and administration are hoping we receive the maximum accreditation, being that their next visit of WASC would be in six years.

Larkin also wants future classes and parents to be more involved in the focus groups. They want to have more chances for students to have their voices heard in the areas of growth and areas of strength.

“I do care about the student’s voices in these matters,” Larkin said. “I would want more students and parents to be involved in the focus groups in order to help us help the school improve.”

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