To my freshman self…

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Jason Letargo

“Take easier classes”


Danielle de Guzman

“Try getting your work done as soon as possible.”


Keano Lugue

“Fix your sock tan. ASAP.
P L E A S E .”


Tyra Callejo-Dennis

“Don’t be afraid to join more clubs.”


Joselyn Carbonell

“Things will get hard but all of the issues you’re having will pass eventually. Trust the process, and accept the ups and downs.”


Itzel Gallardo

“Things happen for a reason, and eventually you’ll know why.”


Marco Sanchez

“Stay cute, keep the negativity out of your life, overcome obstacles, have a plan.”


Edward Tiong

“Make the most out of every opportunity and enjoy life.”


Abby Martinez

“You got a big storm comin’, honey.”


Eugelyn Lopez

“Work harder, because life will only get harder, you know?”

Andrea Ferreria

“Join more clubs. Also, do your homework!”


Matthew Wilson

“Don’t be so lazy.”


Malina Gonzalez

“You’ll hate it, but it’s over before you know it.”


Kassy Ortega

“Stop crying.”


Jazlyn Velasco

“Try hard in P.E. because those were your only B’s.”

Devin Whatley

“Treat everything with a sense of urgency.”

Ibrahim Ibrahim

“You’re on the right track.”

Salem Habarneh

“Don’t do it. As in, don’t procrastinate.”

Brittany Jasper

“Focus on what you want and not on what others want for you.”

Brianna Arroyo

Stay focused and don’t get caught up with all the bad.”

Itzel Gallardo

“Things happen for a reason, and eventually you’ll know why.”

Mark Montemayor

“Stop procrastinating.”

Rence Ruffy

“Get taller. Grow another 10 inches. Force your knees to grow.”

Angelina Felipe

“Don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from doing what you want. Do what makes you happy. You don’t need to prove your worth for the sake of others.”

Emylyn Tanglao

“It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you end.”

Sam Saensouk

“Have more confidence in yourself.”

Loraine Reduque

“Have fun, because in the end, you’ll never be able to go back.”

Jan Joey Zabala

“High school should be memorable. You should take advantage of everything.”

Cheri-Ann Inouye

“It’s okay to be you. You don’t need to go to school with the mindset that you can please everyone. You should cherish yourself. It’s okay to push homework back if it’s beneficial for your health.”

Rochelle Labayog

“It’s not all about getting good grades. :)”

Abdi Elmi

“Everything happens for a reason.”

Micah Williams

“Don’t put things off or let people get in your way – just get things over with before it becomes a problem.”

Antonio Strong

“It’ll be okay. Things’ll get better.”

Charlie Santos

“Do whatever makes you happy.”