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Was Kanye West in the wrong for tweeting his political views?

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Kanye West came out with a bunch of tweets that said he was a Donald Trump supporter and that he believed in some of the ideas of Trump. There have been other events where the famous rapper has mentioned Trump in work before.

People shouldn’t bash him for having his own opinion and liking whatever he wants to like. West shows courage in sharing his own opinion and views in a world where one comment can ruin your career.

However, what West did afterwards in a Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ) interview shocked people more than his tweets about Trump. He talked about how the 400 years of slavery was a choice. He talks about how slaves were mentally imprisoned since they didn’t try to escape.

This is false, because there have been many rebellions throughout the course of slavery, and many slaves who ran away and came back to save more slaves. This debunks his whole idea that slavery was a choice.

This viewpoint got him in a minor clash with TMZ’s senior producer Van Lathan who responded to West during the interview. He talked about how he was hurt by the comments that West made, and in a later interview, he revealed that West went up and apologized to him. He added that West didn’t mean to hurt him or anyone else with his comments and that he was just expressing his own opinion.

After the interview West received a lot of hate and attacks by people for his comments, which should be a misunderstanding. I think West just wanted to share his own opinion, to everyone.

He doesn’t force anyone to share his views, and he doesn’t fight anyone that says he is wrong. He sticks to his own views, which is a really good point about him. Although it can cause him problems, he won’t be spouting out the ideas of another person, so it makes him his own person.

The point I am trying to get across is that I feel that West is not wrong for talking about his own political views, and he shouldn’t get the hate for it. Instead more people should follow his footsteps and express themselves and their own beliefs.

However, West should try to get his point across more clearly so that no more confusion happens, and he doesn’t accidentally hurt anybody with his ideas. Most of the hate is coming from the confusion that people think he is trying to force his opinion on them.

More people should follow what West did with Trump and show their support for the ideas that match their own and then express their own ideas. That way more and more people challenge the mob and the world doesn’t become an echo chamber with two big sides fighting each other. It should be people talking with other people and finding an understanding between each other.

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