Better school funding? How can we fix it?

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All schools aren’t perfect, and there is not enough money in the world to fix every single problem, but many teachers and students demand a raise in school funding in order to succeed. Like the medical field, schooling needs to be paid  attention to and properly funded. As a society, we should value education and its facilities as much as our own lives. Money does, in fact, matter in education.

According to the Albert Shanker Institute, writer Bruce D. Baker claims, “Schooling resources that cost money, including smaller class sizes, additional supports, early childhood programs and more competitive teacher compensation are positively associated with student outcomes.”

Spending a little extra money on education quality can benefit students drastically. Low income schools can especially fall into an advantage when it comes to better funding due to the fact that they might not have as many resources as higher income schools. Students with low income families who sometimes struggle with money can rely on things such as printers, computers, and supplies. When schools have the opportunity to provide more for their students, this leads to improved teaching and learning.

U.S. News says, “School districts with the highest rates of poverty receive less funding per student that those with the lowest rates of poverty.”

In most cases, funding distribution can be unfair since many high poverty schools don’t receive as much money as they should. Schools that aren’t as fortunate should receive primary attention since they have the least amount of funding. Acquiring support such as resources and education isn’t as easy in lacking communities than it is in wealthy communities. Often times, teenagers feel as if they have a burden placed on them because of low school funding and supplies. Some of them feel as if they can’t succeed without the proper materials. Yes, funding each and every school will be difficult but it should at least be considered, especially towards lower income schools.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, says, “It ain’t about the money. It’s about how you spend it –– and the result.”

When you spend money on things such as funding for new printers, computers, and resources, there tends to be much more positive results in test scores and graduation rates.

Although there are many more problems in the world, funding for low poverty schools need to be improved to support students who may lack the certain materials needed to succeed.