Arc was all in this together for a team-building trip

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Arc was all in this together for a team-building trip

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Members of Arc were all in this together for this team-building session.

Morse’s Arc program went to La Jolla Shores on May 12 for an adventure trip, in which they improved their collaboration skills through various team games.

They originally intended to participate in free surfing classes, but it was canceled due to the water being too cold.

Five students attended the event from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. and got the opportunity to build relationships with each other through communication and cooperation.

“It allowed us to get to know each other’s thinking,” said Emilio Figueroa, junior and Leadership Council president.

People who participated in this activity described the activity as enlightening. It gave them the chance to learn how each individual solved an issue. The experience also provided them with new approaches on problem-solving.

“The games were casual and very fun,” expressed Catherine Cruz, junior and Leadership Council member. “Coming into contact with the beach was extremely calming.”

La Jolla Shores became a comfortable and safe environment that gave students an opportunity to relax and get their minds off of the pressures from school.

“The beach allows a lot of space, as well as fresh air,” Figueroa described.

Arc had many adventure trips in the past. On April 7, they went on a snorkeling trip at Mission Point Park.

“Snorkeling was amazing!” Cruz exclaimed. “Arc activities, like the Mission Point Park trip and the trip to La Jolla Shores, allow anyone to experience new things.”

The students are thankful for arc’s site coordinator, Sandra Sanchez, for letting them learn new things and giving them a relaxing escape for the weekend.

In the future, students in arc would like to participate in more adventure trips and encourage new people to try it out.​