The new Queen of Drag takes the throne

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The new Queen of Drag takes the throne

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The results are in….

Please welcome…. The new Queen of Drag!

Senior Edward White won the Second Annual Drag Show on May 4, 2018 with his lip-syncing performance of Britney Spears’s “Toxic”, amazing the crowd with his splits, toe touches, and multiple outfit changes that made him stand out from the other performers.

“When I found out I won, I was in complete shock,” White said. “It was nice to see that all the hard work I put into the art of drag paid off.”

White competed against four other performers to win the show. Each performance was filled with dancing, singing, and more, but White’s performance stood out enough to help him win it all.

In the weeks before the show, White practiced hard to perfect his performance. He wanted to make sure that he made a good impression to the audience.

“When I was practicing, I really just wanted to give my best performance and entertain the audience.” White said. “I practiced my make-up and listened to the song every day to learn cues and add anything I thought could fit.”

White received a free Comic-Con ticket for this summer. But there was more to the victory for White than just a free ticket.

“From winning the drag show, I gained a deeper understanding of what it feels like to have no limits of expression,” White expressed. “I also was inspired by how much fun everyone was having and how professional everything was.”

As professional as the show was, for White and Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Club, there were still improvements to be done for the next year’s drag show and beyond.

“The show as a whole was spectacular and nothing short of a professional show,” White exclaimed. “But in terms of improvements, I would say a little more cohesiveness and smoother transitions between each performance.”

The new Queen of Drag now rules the school. Who will take the throne next year?