A salutatorian you can bet on

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I’m not gonna stop, that’s who I am. I’ll give it all I got, that is my plan.

You can bet on senior Eugelyn Lopez.

Lopez, with an accumulative GPA of 4.48, earned salutatorian for the class of 2018.

“I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t really my goal,” Lopez explained. “It kind of just happened.”

The road to earning salutatorian was not an easy one, though.

“These last few years consisted of sleepless nights, dance classes, and a lot of stress,” Lopez said. “I had a lot of AP classes and had to deal with so much out of school. Looking back, I don’t know why I did that to myself, but I turned out fine.”

On top of maintaining good grades, Lopez juggled several extracurriculars including Academic League, Badminton, Exec, and MESA.

“I procrastinated,” Lopez admitted. “On top of that, I had a hard time prioritizing all of my school-related and out-of-school activities. I tried my best to balance everything, but sometimes life would just get in the way.”

Family played an important role in motivating Lopez get to where she is today.

“My parents have always pushed me to do well,” Lopez said.

Despite this, her accomplishments were mainly due to her own desire for success.

“Regardless of my family’s wishes for me, I worked hard for myself,” Lopez said. “Not going to a university was never an option for me, and I knew I had to do well in high school in order to get into a good university.”

Lopez is attending UC Davis in the fall and majoring in environmental engineering.

“I’m most excited about having new experiences,” Lopez enthused. “I’m looking forward to having the ability to make my own decisions and having the opportunity to grow more as a person.”

Not only does Lopez get the reward and satisfaction of being salutatorian, but she gets to share the excitement with her best friend. Senior Janica Mendillo, the valedictorian of the class of 2018, and Lopez have been best friends for over ten years.

“I feel so honored to share this achievement with my best friend at my side,” Lopez said. “I think our friendship played a big role in my academic successes. Throughout the years, she has pushed me to do my best, and I’m really glad that our hard work has paid off.”