One World donates goods to Rachel’s Women Center

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Among the virtuous ways of giving back to the community, donating goods allows people to set aside their personal wants to consider the needs of others.

A group of students organized a project to provide goods for women who need a place of comfort, hope, and rest.

One World hosted a donation drive for Rachel’s Women’s Center, a shelter for abused women, from April 27 through May 7, to help rehabilitate those in need by gathering toiletries and other necessities through donation boxes placed in classrooms across campus.

Rachel’s Women’s Center is a shelter in Downtown San Diego that provides services to women who have been verbally or physically abused. As a non-profit, they are in high demand for toiletries and other goods, which Morse students graciously donated.

“Collecting products for Rachel’s Women’s Center served as a way to raise awareness for the importance of certain items that aren’t always accessible,” said senior Danielle de Guzman, member of One World.

The club aimed to not only give feminine hygiene products, but assured that clothing and food were also provided, ensuring that they were aiding the shelter to the fullest extent.

“We know that there are people in need, but nobody realizes the struggle that women specifically go through,” said sophomore Makhfira Abdullahi, member of One World. “We were inspired to aid these women because we know that they needed our help.”

Moving forward, the club hopes to pursue similar projects that will directly benefit the homeless, abused women, refugees, and other groups in need, while showing the Morse community the values of generosity and selflessness.

“I hope this inspires our community, especially at Morse, to donate to those in need,” Abdullahi said. “Most people don’t realize how much they are blessed with and it is moments like these that you should be grateful for the life you have.”

The project was widely considered to be a success, with an abundance of products being collected through donation boxes. Through this drive, the club was able to show that putting aside personal wants for the sake of others provides a sense of fulfillment and joy.