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Advisory period introduced at Morse

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A group of teachers and other staff members are working together to piece together a new idea for curriculum, an advisory period for students occurring next school year.

“We’ve had an advisory class in the past but this one will be new and improved,” said Warren Wegener, a counselor from Morse, as well as one of the staff members responsible for the coordination of this project.

This period grants students time to get organized before heading to their second periods, and offers a good way to kick off the day.

Instead of being called an “advisory period” the period will be referred to as the Tiger Learning Community (TLC), where information for all grades, and an umbrella of mental health support lessons such as coping with stress will be provided.

“Hopefully, the wide variety of topics we have to offer will capture their (the students) attention,”  said Wegener.

On top of that, every TLC period will be assigned to each staff member to teach that class throughout the year, in order to capture a stronger and more unique bond with his/her students compared to that of a normal teacher.

This future period will take away four minutes from each period to go towards the 20 minutes that it provides and the bell schedule will be changed accordingly in due time.

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