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Morse track and field team competes in Western League Finals

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When league ends, it does not stop this Track and Field team.

They will continue to train and improve their skills, always striving to improve.

The Morse track and field team competed in the Western League Finals, where they faced other schools in division two on May 11, 2018, at University City High School.

Their main goal is to push themselves to their utmost potential and encourage other teammates to do the same while improving to prepare for the next season as well.

“I feel pretty confident about western league finals and I plan on doing well in CIF,” said junior Amy Dobbins.

To prepare for the Western League finals, they have been practicing and will continue to do so, the 100,200,400 and 800-meter dash to improve speed and stamina.

They will also be working out in the weight room to improve their legwork to help increase their overall speed and stamina.

The people participating from the Morse track and field team in the Western League finals are Amari Weatherford, a short distance runner, Judi Pangilian a shot putter, Dobbins, a long distance runner, and Rayvon Benson, a sprinter.

“We do it because we love the competition and being able to push ourselves to compete against people even better than us,” said Dobbins.

The purpose of all of their hard work and practices is to have the opportunity to face other challenges that are better than themselves and improve from that.

After the Western League finals, some members of the team, like Dobbins, have started to practice for the CIF, California Interscholastic Federation after the Western League finals ended.

For the Western League Final the girls have faced other girls in their division and for the boys, they also faced other boys in their division, which is division two.


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