NFL Draft first round recap and thoughts

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The NFL draft is an exciting time for someone’s NFL team because depending how well they do, they can either just make it to the playoffs, or make a deep playoff run, or go to the Superbowl.

This year’s NFL draft left you guessing and shocked while it happened live because of picks like Marcus Davenport going to the Saints, Rashaad Penny going to the Seahawks, and Terrell Edmunds to the Steelers.

Round 1 Pick 1 Cleveland Browns- Baker Mayfield quarterback , University of Oklahoma,

Positives- Mayfield is my favorite quarterback in this draft class because he can do everything asked of him. He is a winner and brings a winning mentality to Cleveland. He has a very quick release and played in a high pass offense.

Negatives- Mayfield had a huge problem with maturity. Playing against the University of Kansas, he got to an argument with many fans. He also is a shorter quarterback and it may be a problem.

Round 1 Pick 2 New York Giants- Saquon Barkley running back , Penn State

Positives- Barkley brings a power element to his game with how strong his legs are. At Penn State he lifted more than his lineman. He is the best athlete in this draft and he is a great overall running back

Negatives- His pass blocking is not the strong suit of his game and tends to play hero ball.

Round 1 Pick 3 New York Jets- Sam Darnold, University of Southern California

Positives- Darnold has very good arm strength, is very accurate, and knows how to improvise well. When he is out of the pocket he is very dangerous and throws well on the run.

Negatives- He is a turnover machine and his mechanics are terrible. Look for the Jets to use him as a project player. I believe they will play him in the next year or two.

Round 1 Pick 4 Cleveland Browns- Denzel Ward cornerback , Ohio State

Positives- Ward has tremendous ball skills and for his size he plays very physical and will hit you with all of his might. He brings a certain “swagger” to a team.

Negatives- Ward is undersized and tends to take plays off. His biggest weakness tackling in the run game.

Round 1 Pick 5 Denver Broncos- Bradley Chubb, North Carolina State

Positives- What impressed me with Chubbs tape is he never takes a play off. He has long arms and uses them to his advantage, he also just bursts off the line and has very good quickness. He uses an unique blend of strength and speed.

Negatives- Chubb struggles with bigger tackles, and he does not have a go to move when pass rushing, and he is a terrible inside lineman so never play him at defensive tackle.

Round 1 Pick 6 Indianapolis Colts- Quenton Nelson offensive guard, Notre Dame

Positives- Most complete guard in the draft, he can pull well, and is fast off the line , so he is rarely beat off the line. He is the best run blocker in the draft and was also the strongest because he had the most bench press at the combine.

Negatives- He struggles in the screen game, but with good coaching it shouldn’t be a problem.

Round 1 Pick 7 Buffalo Bills- Josh Allen quarterback, University of Wyoming

Positives- Best arm strength in this draft, he has great throw on the run skills, and knows how to avoid pressure. Allen is dream quarterback build he his a big quarterback with some mobility.

Negatives- His completion percentage is terrible coming in at less than 60 percent. He can be wildly inaccurate and is very inconsistent. Had issues with racist comments on his twitter from high school

Round 1 Pick 8- Chicago Bears- Roquan Smith linebacker, University of Georgia

Positives- Smith is the best linebacker in this draft because he is a tackle machine and has great sideline to sideline speed. He can do a little bit of everything as in blitzing, and can cover running backs.

Negatives- Smith is a little undersized and when a physical lineman blocks him he struggles to shed the blocks. He struggles to cover tight ends.

Round 1 Pick 9 San Francisco 49ers- Mike McGlinchey offensive tackle, Notre Dame

Positives- McGlinchey is the best when he is run blocking. His technique is great, he moves guys off the line with his strength. He is a hard worker and uses his hands very well.

Negatives- The only real negative McGlinchey had is his pass blocking he tends to get beat and is very inconsistent.

Round 1 Pick 10 Arizona Cardinals- Josh Rosen quarterback, University of Los Angeles

Positives- Rosen is the best play action quarterback in this draft and is the most pro ready quarterback also. He has excellent mechanics and he is a pure pocket passer.

Negatives- He was not a winner at UCLA he lost a lot of games because of him playing hero ball and making bad decisions. When he is being blitzed he tends to rush his throws and throws turnovers.

Round 1 Pick 11 Miami Dolphins- Minkah Fitzpatrick safety, University of Alabama

 Positives- I’ve watched Fitzpatrick since he was a true freshman and he has been a play maker. He is the most versatile defensive back in this draft. He plays many positions like corner, free safety, and strong safety.  He also contributes as a pass rusher and he is a great pass rusher.

 Negatives- Fitzpatrick tends to get bodied by bigger receivers, no one knows what his best position is. His cover skills are sometimes shaky at times.

Round 1 Pick 12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Vita Vea defensive tackle, University of Washington

Positives- Vea is great pass rusher and a huge run stuffer. For a huge 340 pound man he is fast for his size and generates a lot of pressure. He fights through double teams and super powerful and strong.

Negatives- The thing with Vea is he has really short arms and cause of that he tends to miss many tackles. He has a very poor technique and tends to stand up which makes him lose his gap assignment.

Round 1 Pick 13 Washington Redskins- Da’Ron Payne defensive  tackle, University of Alabama

Positives- Payne caused a lot of pain in the middle as a great run stuffer. He has a great get off and creates a lot of pressure. He can be a game changer and loves the spotlight.

Negatives- Payne has problems with physical lineman and he tends to get tired and also at his time at alabama he didn’t have much production.

Round 1 Pick 14 New Orleans Saints- Marcus Davenport defensive end , University of Texas San Antonio

Positives- He was the fastest defensive lineman at combine clocking in a 4.58 in the 40 yard dash. He is very powerful and explosive off the line. Plus he has very long arms that he uses well when pass rushing.

Negatives- He is a very raw athlete and he is a project player. When he is in a two point stance he tends to get blown off the ball. Saints gave up too much trading up to get this player.

Round 1 Pick 15 Oakland Raiders- Kolton Miller offensive tackle, UCLA

Positives- He has experience playing both tackle positions. His main strength is run blocking and he is physical as a run blocker. He has very strong hands and long arms so once he gets a hold of you it’s over.

Negatives- When pass blocking he tends to go forward instead of going back giving a defender a free shot at the quarterback.When run blocking he tends to get lazy and leans on defenders because of his size.

Round 1 Pick 16 Buffalo Bills- Tremaine Edmunds linebacker, Virginia Tech

Positives-  He has sideline to sideline speed, great lateral movement just a great athlete. He is especially athletic enough to play spies on faster quarterbacks. He has great coverage skills too.

Negatives- He does not use his hands and rather use his shoulder to get off blocks which leads him to getting driven back by offensive lineman.

Round 1 Pick 17 Los Angeles Chargers- Derwin James safety, Florida State

Positives- He is very versatile and can multiple positions on a defense. At Florida State he was used at corner, safety, and linebacker. He his just a freak of nature he can do it all like hit hard, be a leader, and put fear into another team.

Negatives- He’s not great at just one thing and does not have a set position. He can tend to be out of control and flies around taking back angles on running backs. He also tends to give up on plays even though he is athletic enough to chase them down.

Round 1 Pick 18 Green Bay Packers- Jaire Alexander cornerback , University of Louisville

Positives- He ran the fastest combine for all cornerbacks at the combine running a 4.38 in the 40 yard dash. Alexander loved and thrived in the big stage, every primetime game he made sure American and opposing quarterbacks knew who he was. He is also an electric returner and can be a huge difference maker on your team.

Negatives- Regarded as the best corner in the draft, but his stock fell due to his long list of recent injuries.

Round 1 Pick 19 Dallas Cowboys- Leighton Vander Esch linebacker, Boise State

Positives- For a six foot 4 inch lineback Vander Esch has quick movement and is huge enough to take on blocks and rip right through them.

Negatives- Vander Esch was one of those combine stories where not many people knew who is was and then his stock skyrocketed after the combine. HE tends to take many false steps which effects him to finish his tackles.

Round 1 Pick 20 Detroit Lions- Frank Ragnow center/ guard, University of Arkansas

Positives- He is an extremely physical lineman and looking at the tape against Alabama he performed super well making his draft stock rise. He also never allowed a sack in the 2017 season.

Negatives- Ragnow’s stock rose after the game against Alabama, but then fell due to an injury he suffered late in the season.

Round 1 Pick 21 Cincinnati Bengals- Bill Price center, Ohio State

Positives- Price is a great pass protector, and picks up blitzers very well. Contributing to his pass blocking is great footwork and great usage of hands.

Negatives- Price needs to get stronger, so he can impose his will in the run game and drive defenders off the line.

Round 1 Pick 22 Tennessee Titans- Rashaad Evans linebacker, University of Alabama

Positives- Evans is your typical Alabama linebacker can rush the passer, can play coverage, and plays like he smells blood in the water. He weaves through traffic with ease and great instincts.

Negatives- Evans is a little short is sometimes his pad level isn’t low enough at times, which leads to him tackling sloppy, and also tends to be sucked in by play action.

Round 1 Pick 23 New England Patriots- Isaiah Wynn offensive tackle, University of Georgia

Positives- Late in the season Wynn suffered an injury that should have ended his season, but played through the pain at an extremely high level. He is an all- round athlete, looks smooth while playing, and is a great pass protector.

Negatives- Wynn had surgery in Feb., he also has very short arms for an offensive tackle. Patriots are looking to move Wynn to guard, but there are some questions to his strength at guard if it’s good enough.

Round 1 Pick 24 Carolina Panthers- D.J. Moore wide receiver- University of Maryland

Positives- Moore is a smaller receiver, but does not play like it. He is a great route runner, has great hands, and is shifty after the catch. This should be Cam Newton’s favorite new target.

Negatives- He is a smaller receiver so, some question if he will play the same at the NFL level. At his time at Maryland he suffered from terrible quarterback play.

Round 1 Pick 25 Baltimore Ravens – Hayden Hurst tight end, University of South Carolina

Positives- Hurst has not played a lot of football, compared to other players in the draft, so he body is a lot “fresher”. He was a great leader for the Gamecocks, and also played a huge role in their passing game by showing good hands, running terrific routes, and the ability to line up anywhere on the field.

Negatives- Hurst is the oldest player in the draft, when the season starts he will be 25 , so there isn’t much time with him. He also did not have the best production and does not block well he struggles against blocking corners.

Round 1 Pick 26 Atlanta Falcons- Calvin Ridley wide receiver, University of Alabama

Positives- I’ve watched Ridley since he was a freshman he has done everything for the Crimson Tide. He has shown speed, explosiveness, great hands, and great ball skills. If you don’t believe that’s enough just look at the top receivers the program has put out like Julio Jones and Amari Cooper.

Negatives- He is a very light receiver and at Alabama he didn’t run the route tree, only did a select few routes.

Round 1 Pick 27 Seattle Seahawks- Rashaad Penny running back- San Diego State University

Positives- Penny showed to the nation this year that San Diego State produces great running backs. He showcased to the nation his quick cuts, beautiful acceleration, and nice hands

Negatives- He tends to run upright which makes him less powerful and leads to Penny getting tackled a lot easier.

Round 1 Pick 28 Pittsburgh Steelers- Terrell Edmunds safety, Virginia Tech

Positives- Edmunds is a hard hitting physical machine. He will fit well into the famed “Steel Curtain” vibe. And he is a great athlete also.

Negatives- A very head scratching move for the Steelers to spend money on a big time free agent like Morgan Burnett and draft a safety. Edmunds is a raw talent that tends to bite on play action, and has multiple coverage issue to play free safety.

Round 1 Pick 29 Jacksonville Jaguars- Taren Bryan defensive tackle, University of Florida

Positives- Bryan is an explosive, powerful, and strong man in the middle. He will thrive learning from one the best defenses in football. Nicknaming their team to “Sacksonville” due to their dominant pass rush.

Negatives- Bryan plays too aggressive at times which leads to blown gap assignments. He also isn’t very good at pass rushing and tends to not shed blocks well in the pass game.

Round 1 Pick 30 Minnesota Vikings- Mike Hughes cornerback, University of Central Florida

Positives- For a small corner Hughes loves to be in press man coverage and loves being physical. He is a ball hawk, he loves to create turnovers in the pass game. He is also a great special teams returner.

Negatives- He has some off the field issues, which lead him to leave his first school, and transfer to community college, before going to UCF. He is not a great tackler in the run game.

Round 1 Pick 31 New England Patriots- Sony Michel running back, University of Georgia

Positives- Michel is a do it all back, can make plays in the passing and run game. He is a physical yet quick runner. He can pass block and tends to be patient when running with the football.

Negatives- Michel has had a fair share of injuries at his time at Georgia. He also wasn’t the lead back either which took away a lot of his production.

Round 1 Pick 32 Baltimore Ravens- Lamar Jackson quarterback, Louisville

Positive- He is an athletic freak at quarterback. He is the greatest running quarterback since Michael Vick. He has amazing arm talent, and he has improved each year in college. Also he’s not run first either he tends to keep his eyes down field.

Negatives- Jackson has a lot of flaws when it comes to passing like his deep ball, his accuracy in general, and his base which contributes to most of his problems. His small frame worries me at playing quarterback without sliding can lead to injuries.