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Service Journalism: Places to take prom pictures

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Prom season is coming up for Morse seniors, and while you’re stressing about dresses and tuxedos, hair and makeup, and dates, there’s one more thing that every prom attendee is thinking about.

Prom pictures, of course! It seems like everyone is on the hunt for new places to take unique pictures in order to make their prom day memorable. If you’re one of these people on the hunt, keep reading to look at different cost-effective options to take the best photos!

Basic Balboa

Of course I have to mention the one and only Balboa Park, because who doesn’t take their pictures there, right? Keep in mind that if you decide to go there, you will see 50 other people in prom dresses and tuxedos. If you want viral Twitter pictures, Balboa Park probably isn’t the best place.

Despite Balboa Park being San Diego’s common area for prom pictures, you can’t deny its beauty and character which draws in so many people. There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing settings at Balboa that make for great pictures, such as the Japanese Friendship Garden (which has a $10 entry fee), the San Diego Zoo (which is too expensive for you, which is why you can take your pictures at the entrance), and the famous Balboa Pond (which is free!).


Downtown is another option that’s close by. It’s a bustling area full of tourists, so it may be a little crowded on a Saturday in June.

Downtown is a large area full of pretty and charming streets. However, I think the best spots to take pictures are away from the traffic. Seaport Village is right next to the water and offers a view of the sunset. The Spanish Village is a colorful and vibrant place full of artists and art galleries. The Navy Pier features the USS Midway Museum and the “Unconditional Surrender” statue if you’re feeling patriotic before prom.

Literally any beach

You’re in San Diego, so why not take your prom pictures at a beach? There are several beaches around the area to choose from, two of which are Coronado Beach and Mission Beach. Coronado Beach is closer to Morse; however, Mission Beach is closer to the Catamaran. But both are equally pretty.

Other farther options are La Jolla Cove and Sunset Cliffs. Both places offer pretty views and iconic backgrounds for prom pictures. Don’t get your dress sandy!

Places near the Catamaran:

The Catamaran is conveniently placed just North from Belmont Park and Seaworld. Belmont has roller coasters and carousels that offer a nice background for pictures. If you have a few dollars to spare you can even hop on a ride or two before heading to prom.

Seaworld, like the San Diego Zoo, is expensive to park and to enter. You might as well photoshop yourself next to Shamu.

Honorable mentions:

Here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t make the list of scenic places around San Diego but can still make for fun photoshoots.

Ikea is all the way in East Mission Valley, but may be worth the drive to some. Why waste your time at Balboa with 50 other prom attendees when you can take your pictures with pillows at your not-so-local furniture store?

The Spruce Street Suspension Bridge is the setting for many prom pictures taken in the past. It’s a little scary walking on that high bridge wearing a floor-length dress and heels, but the pictures will turn out great!

If you’re on a budget and wasting gas for pictures isn’t your thing, then taking pictures at home is perfectly okay! Get the best photographer in your family and set up a photoshoot in your living room or in your backyard; it’s all about the quality of the photo, not the background, and with you in it any picture you take will look great.

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