Seniors look back

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Danielle de Guzman: ” I learned that to get things done as soon as possible I will have to make necessary sacrifices to balance out my life.”

Salem Habarneh: “I learned that I should work hard and manage my time because procrastination hurts.”

Kassy Ortega: “High school is terrible and life  can only get better from here and people who peak in high school are lame.”

Keano Lugue: “What I learned about myself throughout high school is that you have to put yourself first and hang out with people that don’t put you down but that support you.”

Janica Mendillo: “I learned that I can make the best out of every situation and given the fecal situation handed to me, I did very well.”

Devin Tolentino: “I learned that I was really good at clutching homework, I got a tooth, I realized that you should be more open and more willing to create friends and I learned how to be friendlier.”

Brittany Jasper: “I learned that I am too good for this stuff and I wasted time being here.”

Jason Letargo: “I learned that everyone is pretty nice once you get to know them.”

Joselyn Carbonell:  “I learned that I should focus less on my academics and more on things that I enjoy.”

Joel Sahid: “I learned that there is gonna be real people that are always going to be there for you and those who won’t be there for you.”

Lyn Lopez: “I learned to not care so much about other people’s opinions from high school because nothing no one will matter after high school.”

Devin Whatley: “I would say that it’s important to have confidence in yourself, to try to stay motivated, and also to not let the people you hang around affect you.”

Itzel Gallardo: “Things happen for reason and although it seems like the end of the world when it happens it will be okay in the end. You’ll be fine.”

Arturo Bustos: “I learned that I work best under pressure and that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.”

Brianna Arroyo: “I learned that high school is only 4 years of your life so may as well make the best of it and don’t fall in love because you will get distracted and ruin our life, just have fun.”

Ibrahim Ibrahim: “I learned that I work very good under pressure, I joke around too much and for some odd reason teachers love me.”

Allieyah Willson: “I’ve learned that I need to not place myself so high on a pedestal because there’s always going to be someone smarter or more efficient than me. I just have to learn to keep up and not let it hurt me.”

Miguel Marmolejo:  “I learned that everything you do starting in 10th grade is really important when it comes to applying to college and I wish I took advantage of my time.”

Alyssa Daccuro: “I definitely learned that I am more resilient than I thought I would be. I learned a lot about motivation and how hard it is to keep it.”

Matthew Wilson: “I am clutch and I do everything at the last minute.”

Abby Martinez: “I learned that you really can become confident through time.”

Ourson Domingo: “I learned that my work ethic has gotten worse and senioritis is a real thing.”

Tyra Callejo-Dennis: “I learned that you can’t spend your whole life beating yourself up, that you have to accept that you’re going to fail sometimes and that it won’t be the only thing you’ll do.”

Kirby Innocente: “I learned how to not care about what people think about me and just do what I like.”